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This comprehensive online course teaches you how to become a wedding photographer so that you can take advantage of the greatest opportunity in photography history!

It’s no secret that the wedding industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID as millions of couples were forced to postpone their weddings from 2020 through to 2021.

But while the COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world and caused disruption to all our lives…

It’s not all bad news!

COVID Wedding opportunity

With the mass rollout of vaccines and venues now open…

Weddings Are Coming Like A Tidal Wave!

You’re about to discover the steps to take, right now, to grab your share of this golden opportunity that could literally change your life!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a ‘Pro’ photographer. Even if you’re a beginner or a keen amateur – if you’re willing to follow some simple instructions, then this is a life-changing opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on.

2022 will be the wedding industry’s busiest year yet. There will be a rush for couples to tie the knot once this Pandemic is over.

Hello! Magazine

According to The Wedding Report – in the USA there will be a record 2.77 million weddings in 2022, with a jaw-dropping $60 Billion being spent!

Wedding Photographers are quickly becoming some of the most in-demand people on the planet

But there are simply not enough to go around to meet this insane demand. And as this demand increases, photographer’s fees will only shoot up – pricing many couples out of the market.

And all they want is someone competent enough to capture the memories and the stories of their special day, at a price they can afford.

There’s going to be a LOT of frustrated, unhappy couples struggling to find a photographer who can shoot their wedding, on the dates they want, and within their budget.

But that’s where YOU come in – with the help of the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass!

We’ve developed the world’s first online “Live Action” wedding photography course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a paid wedding photographer. 


Lifestyle of a Wedding Photographer by Emily Lowrey Copyright 2021 - iPhotography

The hotel, guests, confetti, wedding dress, meals, ring bearers….


We spared no expense to create what we believe is the easiest, fastest and most revolutionary online wedding photography course experience you could have.

If the idea of shooting a wedding terrifies you, or you just don’t think you’ve got the technical skill to do it, then don’t panic because we’re holding your hand every step of the way.  

You’ll go from knowing almost nothing to becoming a sought-after wedding photographer in the shortest possible time.

As you advance through this online wedding photography course and watch us break it all down, piece by piece – your fears will melt away and your confidence will soar.

You’ll realise that shooting a wedding isn’t all that difficult.

Anyone with an interest in photography can shoot a wedding – and with the right guidance you will do an impressive job of it too!

Lifestyle of a Wedding Photographer by Emily Lowrey Copyright 2021 - iPhotography

by the end of this masterclass you’ll have the skills and confidence TO SHOOT A WEDDING

Here’s a quick overview of just some of what you’re going to learn from this packed wedding photography course:


Essential Wedding Equipment

How to choose and use all the essential equipment you’ll need. From the camera, lenses and other accessories that will deliver the best results on an affordable budget. 


Meeting Clients

We’ll walk you through meeting your clients for the first time and how to really understand their needs so that you can deliver the perfect results.



You’ll discover how to prepare yourself like a pro – from what to wear to location scouting and planning your entire day, so that it runs like clockwork.


The Big Day

We’ll take you through every aspect – from the morning of the wedding and all of the essential shots you need to get, right through to shooting different types of ceremonies from churches to hotels, register signing, confetti photos, bouquet throwing, and more.


Wedding Evening and First Dance

You’ll discover how to capture those vital shots, the first look, first dance and first kiss, all while understanding how to use your flash to ensure it doesn’t overpower the moment.


Essential Couple Portraits

You’ll get a masterclass in the essential couple portraits you need to get, both indoors and outdoors using advanced flash techniques.


Posing Masterclass

You’ll watch and learn how to pose everyone and all of essential details – from where you need to stand, how to control the guests and all of the camera settings and adjustments – so that you haven’t got to figure anything out by yourself.


Meals & Speeches

You’ll learn the right way to shoot the wedding breakfast; the meals, the speeches and we’ll demonstrate how to capture all of the stories of the day, as they unfold.


Editing Masterclass

You’ll be editing alongside an experienced professional wedding photographer and editor. In each tutorial they reveal all of their time-saving workflows for quickly selecting and then batch editing the best images that will knock the socks off your newlyweds!


Wedding Business Mastery

You’ll be given all of our very best tips, strategies and workflows for marketing your business and running the day-to-day side with minimal hassle (on a full or part-time basis).

wedding course reviews

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg


The iPhotography Wedding Masterclass is the only course of its kind where you get to watch and learn as we ‘live pause’ every aspect of a wedding from start to finish.

Its revolutionary ‘in the moment’ approach to learning is the reason why this masterclass is so much more effective than any other courses, books or workshops we’ve come across.

This is as close as you can get to actually being at the wedding with us, as we explain, share and expose you to the best angles, camera settings, lenses and all of the many other tips, tricks and techniques that just wouldn’t be possible in any ordinary wedding photography course.

How to shoot a bride

What’s Included in this Masterclass?

In short, this wedding photography course equips you with absolutely everything you need to shoot and edit a wedding from start to finish – and then run it as a successful full or part-time business.

Here’s what you’re getting today:


72 Lesson Wedding Photography Masterclass

Live action certified wedding photography course broken down into 72 easy-to-digest classes. A complete A-Z masterclass that takes you from novice to competent wedding photographer.


Wedding Photographer's Library

A library of handouts, checklists, templates and tutorials that cover all types of wedding photography and everything you need to run a successful wedding photography business – from client questionnaires, model release forms and many more. 


Lifetime Access

Unlike a physical workshop, you’ll be able to watch each class over and over again – until you’re as confident and knowledgeable as any pro wedding photographer.

Wedding Masterclass Reviews

We asked a few of our earliest students to share their thoughts about the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass and how it has helped them. Watch the short video below to hear their feedback:

iphotography wedding review 1
iphotography wedding review 1
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online photography course students recommend

What Our Students Are Saying

Take a look at just some of the independently verified iPhotography reviews posted on Facebook, Trustpilot & Google:

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iPhotography Wedding Flip Card Set!

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We’ll ship you this exclusive limited edition iPhotography Wedding Flip Card set that gives you key wedding specific tips, shortcuts, settings, posing guides and more at your fingertips.

Printed on weatherproof, durable cards you can access anywhere.


These Flip Cards will ensure that you can shoot a wedding stress-free and without fear of forgetting anything. These will be a lifesaver at your first wedding!



iPhotography  Preset Bundle!

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wedding photography presets

Save yourself hours of editing time in Lightroom, Luminar or Photoshop with this presets bundle.

Effortlessly edit your photos to a high-quality, professional standard that will WOW your wedding clients.

Immediately accessible after you’ve signed up. 

iPhotography Presets Packs are a one-click solution to your photo editing demands.

Plus, our presets are cross-compatible with Lightroom Classic, Creative Cloud and Luminar!

Get Started Today!

We’re witnessing a wedding frenzy like never before in history – and this window of opportunity is only open to you if you act quickly enough and get yourself fully prepared for it. With this Masterclass you’re getting the best wedding photography course because it will prepare you better than almost anyone else entering this business for the first time.

Don’t delay – join thousands of your fellow iPhotographers who are turning their love of photography into a life-changing, monetizable skill.
Hit the button below for instant access:


72 lesson Wedding Masterclass
Certificate of Achievement
Wedding Photographers Library
24/7 Lifetime Access
BONUS 1: Flip Cards Set
BONUS 2: Wedding Presets

30 day money-back guarantee

Payment Plan:

72 lesson Wedding Masterclass
Certificate of Achievement
Wedding Photographers Library
24/7 Lifetime Access
BONUS 1: Flip Cards Set
BONUS 2: Wedding Presets

30 day money-back guarantee

Your 7x
30-Day money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident in the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass that we are offering you this ironclad, no-risk money-back guarantee: go through the Wedding Photography Masterclass and if you don’t agree that you could make back at least SEVEN TIMES the price of this course from your very first wedding, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you with a full refund – no questions asked!

100% Satisfaction | Zero Risk | Guaranteed

About Your Course Instructor

The development of the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass was a team effort led by Emily Lowrey – a Professional Wedding Photographer with over a decade of experience, shooting hundreds of weddings for a wide variety of clientele.

Emily is also an ambassador for several high-end photography brands including Meike, Instamic, Luminar and Aputure lighting. She was also selected as an ambassador for “Woman in Photography” by The Photography Show.

In the Wedding Photography Masterclass Emily has poured everything she knows about how to shoot weddings and run a successful full or part time wedding photography business.

Professional Wedding Photographer, Emily Lowrey

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is now a good time to become a wedding photographer?

Due to COVID, millions of couples worldwide were forced to postpone their weddings in 2020 & 2021. So, 2022 is set to be the wedding industry’s busiest year in history, as couples rush to tie the knot now that the Pandemic is over.

Unfortunately, there are not enough wedding photographers to meet this demand which has opened up a golden window of opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn how to become a wedding photographer and who wants to earn a good second income.

I'm a beginner, can I still shoot a wedding?

Yes. With the step-by-step training and guidance you’ll get from the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass anyone with an interest in photography can shoot a wedding. We take you from the absolute basics all the way through to running a successful wedding photography business.

Our experienced wedding photography experts have compressed decades of hard-learned experience into clear and concise steps that anyone with an interest in photography can follow along with.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your fears evaporate and how fast your confidence and technical ability grows, as you watch us live-pause a wedding while breaking everything down into super simple steps.

Will this course teach me the technical aspects of wedding photography?

We assume no prior knowledge. In this wedding photography course, Emily goes into great detail about what equipment you’ll need, what settings to use, along with when, where, how and why you should use them and so much more.

How is this masterclass different to other wedding photography courses and workshops?

The reason why the iPhotography Wedding Photography Masterclass is so much more effective than other courses, workshops or books on the subject is because you get to watch and learn professional wedding photographers ‘live pause’ every aspect of a wedding from start to finish.

And this is where the magic happens.

It’s as close as you can get to actually being there at the wedding with us, as we teach, explain, share and expose you to all the nuances of wedding photography. The best angles, camera settings, choice of lenses, poses and all of the many other tips and tricks that just wouldn’t be possible in any ordinary wedding photography course.

Best of all, you get lifetime access so there is no fear of forgetting 80% of what you were taught at a workshop. You can go through the course and worksheets again and again until you’re as confident and knowledgeable as any pro wedding photographer.

What types of weddings does this course cover?

The iPhotography Wedding Photography Masterclass teaches you how to shoot a traditional “white wedding”. However, the principles and techniques can be applied to any type of wedding; from beach (destination) weddings, informal weddings, civil ceremony weddings, intimate or large weddings, same sex weddings, theme based weddings, and more.

Indeed, throughout the course we’ll share with you some of our many stories, experiences and lessons learned from shooting all kinds of weddings from hilarious theme based weddings to the outright strange and unusual!

What is your guarantee on this wedding photography masterclass?

We believe so strongly in the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass that we’re giving you a full 30-days to inspect the masterclass and all its included resources.

Take your time and go through some lessons. Download the tools and worksheets and if you don’t think that you’ll make back at least 7 times what you paid for it from your very first wedding, then send an email to [email protected] and we’ll refund you in full. No jumping through hoops or explanations necessary.

However, understand that the biggest risk to you isn’t “what if I change my mind?”. The real risk is in letting an incredible, life-changing opportunity slip through your fingers.

I've been asked to shoot a wedding and need to learn fast. Will this course help me?

Yes! This is the course you need to get a fast and thorough grounding in how to shoot a wedding from start to finish, and manage the entire day successfully. You can take your time to work through the online lessons or, give yourself a crash course in wedding photography over the course of a day or two!

Due to its unique ‘live pause learning’ there is no other wedding course or workshop that provides this level of experiential learning from the comfort of home.