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Get ready to turn your average animal snapshots into sharp, beautifully composed wildlife photos you’re thrilled with!

Wildlife photography demands a different set of knowledge and skills to any other type of photography.

To shoot incredible wildlife photos you first need to know how to deal with an animal’s:


Unpredictable nature


Speed of movement


Natural (or captive) environment


Vibrant (or elusive) personality


Awesome size (or tiny presence)

This takes special craft skills and an acute understanding of animal behaviour.

dog photography

Unfortunately, most wildlife loving photographers end up frustrated and unhappy with their shots because they’ve never been shown the right way to photograph animals in all their majestic glory…

Until Now!

iPhotography is excited to announce a new and different online course that takes you on a thrilling learning journey from complete novice to skilled wildlife photographer!

What’s Covered In This Wildlife Photography Course?

From common garden insects and beloved furry pets, to birds, big cats and giant beasts – here are some of the animal categories and locations you’re going to master through this exciting new wildlife course:

Photographing pets


How to capture your pet’s personality perfectly

Photographing insects


How to take photos of bugs that are always in focus

Photographing birds


How to capture sharp bird photos – in your garden or in flight

Photographing local wildlife

Local Wildlife

Approaching and shooting fast-moving local wildlife

Photographing wild animals


Pro lessons for photographing animals in the wild

Photographing farm animals

Farms & Fields

Shooting farm animals with the whole animal in focus

Photographing at zoos


How to photograph animals through glass and wire enclosures

Photographing deer

National Parks

How to get close and shoot animals in their natural habitat

Photographing horses


Capturing beautifully composed photos of countryside animals

And much more!

You, the Wildlife Photographer!

Whether you’re a beginner or a wildlife photography enthusiast, you’re about to discover how to dramatically improve your wildlife photos – without needing expensive kit to do it.


You’ll discover the wildlife photography settings you need to capture even the fastest moving animals (on land or in flight).

You’ll learn the nuances of animal behaviour so that you can get close enough for sharp, in-focus shots, without scaring the animal, putting yourself in danger, or missing that brief magical moment.

photographing on safari
photographing birds in flight


You’ll discover the essential kit you need to suit any budget, what to take out with you, and what to leave behind.

And you’ll learn a whole range of wildlife photography tips, techniques and tricks that only the most experienced wildlife photographers know and use to consistently capture wall-worthy animal photos.

Meet Rachel, Your Wildlife Course Instructor!

This online wildlife photography course has been created and delivered by Rachel Sinclair, an expert wildlife photographer, teacher, safari specialist and all round animal lover.

Rachel Sinclair on safari

Rachel Sinclair

Wildlife Photographer

Read Rachel’s Reviews Here

Hi, I’m Rachel your iPhotography Wildlife Course instructor! After studying photography for four years and working in a busy high street studio shooting weddings and portraits, I realised my calling in life was spent amongst animals.

Since 2007 I have been photographing dogs on location and wild animals all over the world. Having spent copious hours on Kenya’s savannahs capturing wildlife at its rawest, I’ve lead photographic safaris in East Africa’s most magnificent wildlife hot spots and run workshops in the UK, amongst its notorious elusive wildlife.

I love to help amateur photographers create stunning images of wild animals that are worth sharing. I feel each and every one of us can make a real difference to conservation and inspire others to care more about our natural world.

I look forward to you joining me on this wild adventure!

photographing blue tit in flight

Your Wildlife Learning Pathway

Understanding your subject is vital, that’s why we’ve created the best and most complete online wildlife photography course available. It takes you on an incredible learning journey – from the very basics right through to advanced wildlife photography and editing techniques. Even what to do with your final images!

Module 1: Wildlife Photography Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

In Module One, we start with the basics of wildlife photography:

  • Discover different types of digital cameras (DSLR, Mirrorless, phone and more).
  • Which is the best camera for wildlife photography (Is it a Canon? Nikon? Or something else)
  • Wildlife photography lenses.
  • How sensor size and crop factor affect your image.
  • Focal Lengths and how they work.
  • Which accessories are essential for wildlife photography & why.
  • Wildlife photography on a budget.
Rachel Sinclair capturing deer images
Module 2: Camera Settings for Wildlife Photography

In Module Two, explore the best camera settings for wildlife photography:

– Find out what Exposure is & How it Works.
– How to use Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO when shooting wildlife.
– How to use a histogram and why.

Module 3: Focusing

– Understand what Focus Modes to use and when
– How to change your exposures quickly
– The difference between shooting in JPEG and RAW

Module 4: Practising on Pets

Discover the secrets to capturing your pet’s personality, spirit and story in beautiful memories and adorable pet portraits:

– Find out why it is a good idea to practise on pets
– How to look out for distractions in your images
– How to capture still and fast-moving animals

bird photography
Module 5: Basic Editing in Photoshop & Lightroom

– We’ll cover basic editing techniques to quickly & easily enhance your wildlife images
– How to change your images to black and white in post-production.

Module 6: Shooting Wildlife at Home & Locally

– Discover how to approach and photograph wildlife in your garden.
– How to use a macro lens & the principle behind focus stacking.
– Different types of natural lighting and how to use them for best effect

photographing deer
Module 7: Equipment for Wildlife Photography

In this module, you’ll discover the equipment needed for wildlife photography

  • Wildlife photography equipment list.
  • What accessories are worth buying for wildlife photography.
  • How crop sensors affect more than just your focal lengths.
  • The best lenses for wildlife photography.
  • How to look after your lens.
  • Do you need a tripod?
Module 8: Safari & Zoo Practise

In this exciting module, filmed on location, you’ll learn zoo photography!

  • Planning a successful photography day trip at the zoo.
  • Why some zoos are better than others for photography.
  • How to photograph animals in enclosures.
  • Professional wild animal photography.
  • Working your scenes.
Module 9: Photographing Native Wildlife

– Planning where to go.
– Photographing on location.
– Shooting bird portraits
– Capturing birds in flight.
– Photographing birds in their natural environment.

Module 10: Preparing Images for Export

– How to catalogue your images.
– Enhancing your images and using presets.
– Preparing your wildlife images for print.
– Framing and making photobooks.

Module 11: Wildlife Photography Abroad

In this module we’ll look at the best places for wildlife photography and how to plan for it:

  • Planning when and where to go.
  • How to research an animal species.
  • Photographing animals in the wild.


Module 12: Using Your Images
  • How to keep improving your wildlife photography.
  • Wildlife photography in social media.
  • Entering wildlife photography contests and competitions.
  • Winning photography awards.
  • How to sell wildlife photography.
  • Conservation.
Rachel Sinclair teaching

You can pause, rewind, speed up or slow down each wildlife photography tutorial. And you can watch them over and over again, until you know this stuff almost as well as Rachel does!

From bug to beast – it’s all covered in this online Wildlife Photography Course and delivered in Rachel’s warm and endearing style. You’re going to love it!

Tutor Assessed Projects
& SELF-GRADED Assignments

This is not just a course of theory. Along with the training, you’ll get real, practical projects and assignments so that you can challenge yourself and put what you’re learning into practise within your own home, garden or further afield.

wildlife photography assignments

Includes 3 photography projects that are personally appraised by Rachel Sinclair!

wildlife photography assignments

Includes 5 self-graded assignments. You’ll be amazed at your results and how quickly you’re developing!

wildlife photography assignments

Your projects and assignments are laid out in super simple steps that anyone can follow to get immediate results.

What kind of huge difference could Rachel’s personal appraisal make to your wildlife photography?

Who Should Take This Course?

This is the perfect course if you’re a pet lover, bird-watcher or wildlife enthusiast who wants animal specific photography skills to capture what you see, so that you can share your passion with the world.

The course covers a wide array of topics, all packed with valuable wildlife specific information delivered by a bona fide expert.

The lessons are easy to understand and apply for wildlife photography beginners and amateurs, with lots of real world examples to show exactly what effect certain settings would have on your photos – making learning fun, fast and effective.

capturing birds in flight
photographing safari animals

Whether it’s bugs bustling in your backyard, birds suddenly swooping over your head, or a herd of elephants appearing on the Serengeti Plains – with the iPhotography Wildlife Course you’ll be ready, prepared and able to react quickly and capture that majestic animal moment, before it’s lost forever.

bird photography


The iPhotography Wildlife Course will get you impressive results TODAY even if you’re a beginner.

Start with your own pets in your living room, step into your backyard. Or, take a quick stroll down to your local park, zoo or woodland.

In no time you’ll be capturing photos that send social media into a frenzy!

macro photography

If you’re tired of relying on ‘hope photography’ – taking hundreds of shots and hoping there’s a good one in there somewhere, then this is the course for you.

Your Masterclass In Wildlife Photography!

Developing this online wildlife photography course has been a labour of love for Rachel. She’s poured her heart into it and everything she knows from 16+ years travelling the world as a professional wildlife photographer, teaching dozens of photographers through workshops and courses and leading countless safaris.

But, hiring an expert like Rachel to coach you, or booking an African safari is neither cheap nor practical for most people. That’s why we’ve made this course as affordable as we can for everyone.

Ultimately, you’re getting the same world-class guidance and professional training for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, there are no planes to get on, no hotels to book, and no time away from your family and job needed!

rachel sinclair wildlife photographer


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Never again will you forget key wildlife photography concepts or miss prime opportunities to capture those magical animal moments!

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Don’t delay – join us along with thousands of fellow wildlife enthusiasts on a fun and thrilling learning adventure today. This is the best investment you will make on your wildlife photography journey.
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BONUS: Wildlife Flip Card Set (limited stock available)

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Our Promise To You

We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You’re either thrilled with the iPhotography Wildlife Course and the transformative effect it’s had on your photography, or just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me the technical aspects of wildlife photography?

Yes. The iPhotography Wildlife Course assumes no prior knowledge of wildlife photography. You’ll discover everything you need to capture pin sharp shots of any animal. In the first few lessons, you’ll learn about the camera equipment you need (and what you don’t need). Then, you’ll progress to understanding which settings to use with detailed instructions for when, where, how and why you should use them. 

Who is this wildlife course designed for?

The iPhotography Wildlife Course has been designed for beginners and amateurs who are interested in learning wildlife photography. But whatever level you are currently at, this comprehensive online wildlife photography course will help you to capture significantly better wildlife photographs. Even if you are an experienced photographer, you will benefit from Rachel’s vast knowledge and experience in the specific field of wildlife photography.

Where was this wildlife photography course filmed?

iPhotography’s Wildlife Photography Course was filmed around the UK, using the diverse range of locations and wildlife we have here. We filmed some of the more exotic animals in carefully selected conservation-focused Zoo’s, including Chester Zoo, consistently rated as one of Europe’s Top Ten zoo’s.


Will this course apply to the wildlife in my country?

This wildlife photography course was filmed in the UK, but the techniques you’ll learn can be applied to almost any country and across a diverse range of wildlife. So, whether you live in the USA, Australia, South Africa… Rachel has specifically selected the animals and photographic techniques that can be applied to almost any location and situation.

You will not only learn the technical aspects of wildlife photography, but you’ll gain a deep understanding of animal behaviour and how to capture the very best shots regardless of where you are or what’s in front of you.

I'm an experienced photographer, do I need this course?

Wildlife photography is quite different to other genres of photography in that you’re often dealing with different surroundings and a very unpredictable subject! Rachel has mentored many photographers who were already experienced in portraits, weddings, landscapes etc. but knew very little about wildlife photography. This is a course that everyone can learn from.