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Are you ready to rapidly improve your photography without watching hours of tutorials or reading hundreds of pages?

Then our FREE photography course for beginners is for you.

Take the 30-Day Photographer free online course and you’ll receive a new 60-second (or less) photography class everyday for the next 30 days.

Each class is super short, sharp and easy-to-understand. Best of all, you’ll start getting results almost immediately.

You’ll discover key photography principles, along with the camera settings and simple tips and techniques that will transform your photographywithout overwhelming you.


30 day photographer
30 day photographer course

The 30-Day Photographer is the fastest and easiest way to learn the basics of digital photography. 

If you’re a beginner, then we guarantee that you will see rapid improvements in your photography within just the first few 60-second classes.

And if you already know a few basics, then you’re getting a super fast refresher course. And you’ll discover new tips and techniques that improve your skills further.

The 30-Day Photographer course is delivered by the award-winning iPhotography™ team and is 100% FREE.

What’s Covered In This Free Photography Course?

Here’s just a few of the key topics covered in the free 30-Day Photographer course:

learn camera settings free


Understand your camera better and learn the key settings that give you the best results.

learn how to pose - free


Discover the best shapes & poses for men, women & groups. This makes an instant difference to your results.



Understand light and some easy techniques you can use today to instantly improve your shots.

Photographing local wildlife


Discover the editing apps that give you fast, pro-level results!

composition class


Simple tips and guidelines that add a wow factor to your photos.

And MUCH more – all delivered in 60 second tutorials!


camera equipment


The essential budget-friendly kit you need and how to look after it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really teach me photography in 60 seconds?

Yes! We think you’ll be amazed at what you’re about to learn in such short classes.

If you’re not convinced, then consider this; when you watch typical photography tutorials, what percentage is actual ‘teaching’? Often, much time is lost through instructor intros, long-winded explanations, unnecessary detail, product pitching, and adverts.

With the 30-Day Photographer each 60-second class delivers 100% content. No fluff. No filler. And no ads!

Who is this free photography course designed for?

It’s designed for beginners to photography who want to become better photographers – without having to watch hours of video or wade through dozens of pages of text!

The 30-Day Photographer simplifies the key principles of photography – FAST!

Even if you have some knowledge of photography already, then this course will give you a quick and easy refresher along with some extra tips & techniques.

If you’re more advanced or keen to learn more, then take a look at our range of in-depth, tutor-supported online photography courses here. All of our online courses come with certificates of achievement and lifetime access.


Why is this photography course free?

Photography has been delivering online courses for over a decade to over 100,000 beginner and amateur photographers.

During this time, we’ve come to realize that there are a lot of people who love photography but just don’t have the time in their busy lives to commit to extensive photography training courses.

And while there’s plenty of free photography classes online (e.g. YouTube) – a lot of it is confusing, overwhelming, disjointed, and unhelpful to the beginner who doesn’t have $10,000 worth of kit and isn’t looking to become the next Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes!

The 30-Day Photographer is the best free photography course because it breaks down the key principles of photography into bite-sized chunks that are super simple to understand and apply immediately.

What kind of camera do I need?

Start with whatever camera you currently own.

Becoming a better photographer is ALL about having the right knowledge and then knowing how and when to apply it. It is definitely NOT about having better kit!

If you don’t own a camera, just use your Smartphone. The principles you will learn will improve your shots regardless. If you’ve got a digital camera then this free online photography course will help you understand it better.

How long is this free photography course?

The 30-Day Photographer course gives you the basics of photography through 30 bite-sized classes that are 60-seconds or less each. You can also watch the lessons on double-speed, making it even quicker!

Watch these lessons and you’ll start seeing improvements in your photography almost immediately.

What are the topics I will learn in this course?

Here is an overview of each daily class within this free online photography course: 

Day 1: Camera Terms Day 16: Aspect Ratios
Day 2: How an Aperture Works Day 17: How to Do Panning
Day 3: How Depth of Field Works Day 18: Male Poses
Day 4: Shutter Speed Day 19: Improving Sharpness
Day 5: The Reciprocal Rule Day 20: Cleaning a Sensor
Day 6: Exposure Metering Modes Day 21: How to Do Ghosting
Day 7: ISO Day 22: Female Poses
Day 8: The Best Focus Mode to Use Day 23: Packing a Camera Bag
Day 9: How to Space out Landscapes (Rule of Thirds) Day 24: Forced Perspective
Day 10: Leading Lines Day 25: Lighting Techniques: Part 1
Day 11: A Guide to Focal Length Day 26: Lighting Techniques: Part 2
Day 12: When to Use Colour vs B&W Day 27: RAW & JPG
Day 13: Posture & Balancing Tips Day 28: 4 Apps for Mobile Editing
Day 14: Family Posing Shapes Day 29: How to Get Through Creative Blocks
Day 15: The Golden Hour Day 30: Optimising Your Images
How do I get this free photography course?

Sign up for free here and you’ll be welcomed into the iPhotography community where you’ll have instant, lifetime access to our learning platform.

Each day for 30 days a new 60-second class is released, which you can access at anytime. You can choose to watch 1 class a day, or spend 5 minutes watching a week’s worth at the weekend. It’s your call!

And if you don’t have a spare 60-seconds in your day, then you can watch the classes at double-speed!

The 30-Day Photographer is the best way to learn photography for free.

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