12 Days of Christmas Competition


We have so much fun with this every year, we thought it would be great to spread a bit of Christmas sparkle within the gallery and the iPhotography community.

So grab your cameras whenever you get a chance and get the family involved, photograph your Christmas encounters and share them with us. 

You never know you might end up with an image to put on Granny’s card!

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Starting from December 1st 2021, every day we will announce a different theme for our 12 Days challenge – but you can find them all below already! Either enter pictures for all 12 themes or just dip in and out of a few whenever you get a spare moment.

Interpret the word/theme for the day however you wish, there are no strict rules, just have fun and get creative!

Each challenge will have its own hashtag (#). Write the hashtag that matches the theme of your upload as your caption in the gallery – without this, your entry won’t be considered in judging.


1. The competition will run from 1st December to 12th December 2021.

2. Upload your entries to the iPhotography gallery.

3. When the competition closes on 12th December 2021, iPhotography tutors will choose a winner for each of the categories and an overall Christmas Champion from that shortlist of 12. The winner will be announced before Christmas.

4. Images that are entered after the deadline, without the correct hashtag in the description will not be considered in judging.

Join the iPhotography course
Join the iPhotography course


Day 1 Winter Landscapes

1st Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me… Winter Landscapes

Day 1 Winter Landscapes Christmas Competition 2021


Day 2 Decorations

2nd Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Decorations

Day 2 Decorations Christmas Competition 2021


Day 3 Morning Mist

3rd Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Morning Mist

Day 3 Morning Mist Christmas Competition 2021


Day 4 Winter Woollies

4th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Winter Woollies

Day 4 Winter Woollies Christmas Competition 2021


Day 5 Evergreen

5th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Evergreen

Day 5 Evergreen Christmas Competition 2021


Day 6 Winter Wildlife

6th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Winter Wildlife

Day 6 Winter Wildlife Christmas Competition 2021


Day 7 Gatherings

7th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Gatherings of Friends or Family

Day 7 Gatherings Christmas Competition 2021



Day 8 Frozen

8th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Frozen

Day 8 Frozen Christmas Competition 2021


Day 9 Winter Shopping

9th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Winter Shopping

Day 9 Winter Shopping Christmas Competition 2021


Day 10 Winter Selfie

10th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Winter Selfie

Day 10 Winter Selfie Christmas Competition 2021


Day 11 Festive Food

11th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Festive Food

Day 11 Festive Food Christmas Competition 2021


Day 12 Winter Bokeh

12th Day of Christmas, iPhotography gave to me…Winter Bokeh

Day 12 Winter Bokeh Christmas Competition 2021



The overall winner of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ competition will receive a wonderful pair of prizes.

🏆iPhotography course of choice

🏆 Photo Challenge Box



Don’t be obvious – Don’t re-create the example images exactly. We want to see your own creativity in this competition. Use it as a springboard.

You Can Edit – We aren’t against photo-editing if you want to add a little bit of sparkle to your pictures afterwards.

Copyright – Make sure the entire content of your image doesn’t infringe copyright laws. Any entries and members found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified.

Have Fun – Don’t feel that you have to enter a shot for every theme – just work on your favourite ones!

Remember,  to use the relevant #hashtag when uploading.

For example, if it’s an entry for Day 1, then type  ‘#WinterLandscapes’ in the description or title field.

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It’s also the start of voting in our iPhotography Member Awards! LIVE on 1st December until 14th December 2021 you can vote for:


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