These Ultra-Convenient, Time-Saving Shortcuts Take Your Photography From Good to Great in Seconds!

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Leave the manual at home and don’t strain your brain trying to remember all that good stuff you’ve learned because iPhotography Flip Cards contain the quick and easy shortcuts that enable you to instantly tackle any photo opportunity like a Pro!

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Flip Cards are your camera’s perfect companion

Designed for photographers who haven’t memorized every button, dial, setting, and feature on their camera. Flip Cards ultra-portable, weatherproof quick reference guides ensure you get the best shot possible, wherever you are.

“I love my Flip Cards! They are a permanent part of my little camera bag and have given me much needed camera confidence. Thank you”

Susan Alexander


I used to get frustrated with the time it took me to “orchestrate” the techniques I learned in the course and then figuring out my 400D camera settings in order to get the desired shot. Your Flip Cards have saved me time and a lot of frustration. These days, more often than not, I am delighted with my results!

Andrew Parker


A quick glance at your Flip Cards and you’ll know how to get the best shot possible – without interrupting your shoot or even laying down your camera.


Flip Cards save you time, frustration and quickly build your camera skills and confidence.

photography cheat sheets

Never again will you forget a key photography concept or miss a prime opportunity to capture a special moment in time!

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iPhotography Flip Cards Review
iPhotography Flip Cards Review
iPhotography Flip Cards Review
iPhotography Flip Cards Review
iPhotography Flip Cards Review
iPhotography Flip Cards Review

Here’s what’s included in this premium product

iPhotography Flip Cards have been designed and battle-tested by Pro photographers to give you the fastest and easiest way to unlock the true power of your camera. You’ll have instant access to essential camera settings, shortcuts, hacks, cheats, tips, tricks, techniques and creative ideas – using plain English and crisp, clear design.

Packed with Tips, Tricks & Techniques

30 Double-Sided Cards


Unique & Creative Ideas


Camera Dial Settings Explained

Includes Composition tips

Metal Binding Ring

Credit Card Size and Quality

Highly Durable & Weatherproof

Rugged Lanyard with Safety Break

Soft Shell Storage Pouch

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Frequently asked questions you need to know before ordering iPhotography Flip Cards!

Do you deliver to my country?

Yes! iPhotography Flip Cards are available worldwide with international shipping.

When will they arrive?

iPhotography products are dispatched from our UK HQ.

UK 3-5 Business Days
USA 14-21 Business Days
Rest of World 21-28 Business Days

Will I need to print anything?

No! Flip Cards are NOT downloadable or Printable ‘cheat sheets’. iPhotography Flip Cards are a premium ready-to-go physical product that is shipped to you in the mail.

There is nothing to download, print, resize or laminate (and if there was, you probably wouldn’t use them!).

iPhotography Flip Cards are professionally produced, highly durable, weatherproof cards that give you the confidence to tackle any photo opportunity like a pro. Packaged in an attractive foil seal embossed box.

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