How To Edit Your Photos Like a Pro Using Your Tablet or Smartphone

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Once just a fancy way of showcasing your photos, the raw power, speed and stunning screens of today’s tablets has shifted them from luxury to necessity for most busy photographers.

And photo editing apps are quickly overtaking their desktop counterparts with the same features but a faster, easier and richer editing experience. That’s why the savviest photographers have switched to editing on tablets over traditional desktop software.

Now It’s Your Turn To Join Them!


This beginner-friendly Edit Photos With Apps course teaches you how to become a fast and nimble on-the-go photo editor. You’ll discover everything you need to know to create, edit, organise, store and share breathtaking photos with the speed and finesse of a pro photographer – across any device or photo editing app.



Gone are the days of being tied to your desktop PC and stuck with a single piece of expensive and complicated software.

Today’s time-smart photographers use their tablets to edit using a range of inexpensive and intuitive apps that deliver fast, remarkable results wherever they are.

The beauty of this easy-to-follow course is that you’ll learn how to optimally use a range of the most popular editing apps that are used by pro photographers.


You’ll begin the course with in-depth tutorials showing you the key features and settings you need when editing photos with apps. Then you’ll be carefully guided through a series of recommended photo editing apps. Some of these apps are widely known. Others are kept mostly within pro photography circles.

Along the way, you’ll discover lots of tips, tricks and shortcuts that give you back time in your busy life by transforming your photos with swipes and a taps – instead of hours spent hunched over your computer.


Lightroom Mobile, Polarr & Photoleap

No tablet editing course would be complete without Adobe Lightroom Mobile because it’s the most widely known app. And you’ll discover how to use it in-depth within this course.

But we’ll also introduce you to two brilliant alternatives: Photoleap and Polarr. But, as you’ll discover in these tutorials, they can do everything Lightroom can do, but without the monthly subscription!

Photoshop, VSCO, Quickshot Pro & Affinity

Next, we’ll introduce you to these four apps that all bring something new and different to the table. Including the best “filter” app on mobile (a dream for social media!). An app with incredible features including sky replacement technology that will astound you. And the app with a gorgeous library of industry-leading presets you can use.

And we’ll show you an app that we believe is a better alternative to Adobe Photoshop Mobile. Of course, we’ll cover Photoshop Mobile too and some neat tricks you can do with that!

Pixaloop, Snapseed & Darkroom

Snapseed is an incredible free and powerful app that does everything you want in the world of photo editing. We’ll cover the key features that make it such a great alternative to heavyweights like Lightroom.

We’ll also cover Darkroom and Pixaloop; two brilliant apps which have unique tools you’ll want to learn all about, such as creating cinemagraphs – adding moving elements into your images to wow people on social media. All this and so much more!

You’ll be amazed at the power and speed of these remarkable apps and shocked at how many of them do everything your desktop software does (and a lot more) but without the hefty subscription!

What you’ll learn

We’ll start by importing and organising your images on your tablet.

Then you’ll learn how to use all of the key features, tools and sliders that are standard in most photo editing apps.

You’ll discover how to use the Histogram, Light Panel, Colour & White Balance, Effects, Split Toning, Detail, Geometry, Presets (including how to create your own), Cropping, Healing & Cloning, Selective Editing, HSL Sliders, Curves, how to export your images and more.

edit with apps
editing with smarphones

As you work through the course, you’ll learn advanced tips, tricks shortcuts and precision-editing techniques of various apps that enable you to fine-tune your edits for magazine quality photos.

And along the way, we’ll reveal some of the jaw-dropping editing features built into these apps that work like magic!

Everything is explained in easy to understand lessons. Even if you’ve never used an editing app before, you’ll be able to follow-along and make immediate improvements to your photos. 

And by the end of this course, you’ll be an ‘app editing’ whiz!


This edit photos with apps course was created by iPhotography Tutor and Professional Wedding Photographer, Emily Lowrey.

Emily is a self-confessed nerd who loves to use technology to her advantage! After years of hauling heavy laptops around on vacations and busy wedding shoots, she quickly discovered the joy and convenience of editing on a portable tablet you can take everywhere and whip out at a moment’s notice. 

Through this fun and unique course, Emily shares everything she has learned from years of editing on-the-go into simple, digestible lessons that will revolutionise your workflow and skyrocket your productivity – enabling you to quickly produce incredible images, regardless of where you are or what you’re editing.


Do I need to buy a load of new apps to take this course?

No, you won’t need to buy new apps if you don’t want to. The point of this course is to show you how to use all the key features that are standard across most photo editing apps. If you can edit with one app, then you’ll know how to use most other apps too (even ones not covered in this course).

But, if you do wish to invest in a new editing app, then many of the ones we cover are inexpensive (and in some cases FREE!). Following this course, you may choose to cancel an existing subscription in favour of a much cheaper, but equally powerful alternative.

Are the apps in this course Android or Smartphone compatible?

Yes. Although the course was created using an iPad. Many of the apps we share also have an identical Android and Smartphone version.

Do I need an Apple Pencil or Stylus to take this course?

No. Using a stylus can, of course, give you a little more precision when editing, but they’re not essential. You can still achieve incredible results with swipes and taps, using your trusty fingers! We’ll show you all the settings and adjustments you need.

How long is this course?

This course is just over 3 hours of pure video based tutorials, which means you’ll get through it in less than an afternoon (or even faster if you use the in-built video speed up options!). Importantly, it is completely streamlined and designed to get you results quickly (and there are no module tests either). Sign up now and you can become an app editing whiz within the next hour or two!

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10 easy-to-digest ‘Edit with Apps’ modules developed by an experienced pro photographer and course tutor.

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Armed with your newfound knowledge and confidence, your productivity will soar and you’ll have more free time to spend taking photos, instead of editing them.

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As a professional photographer, editing not only takes up around 60% of my time, it also ties me to my desk for hours on end! Since taking Emily’s Edit with Apps course, I’ve invested in an iPad and Apple pencil to untether myself from the computer. It’s given me a brand new lease of life when it comes to photography as I no longer have to set aside designated time to editing. Instead, I can factor it into my travel time, or my chill out time on the sofa. All in all, it makes my life as a professional photographer so much easier!
Rebecca Santo, UK

I loved that the course was so easy and enjoyable to work through and follow along with. I feel 10x more confident with editing fully on my tablet now instead of my PC. It’s been an eye-opener. Thank you 🙂

Susan Berry, USA

This course is really well put together and pitched at just the right level for beginners. Emily has a lovely way of teaching and explaining things clearly throughout. Some of these apps are really amazing and I’m delighted at the difference it’s made to my photos!

Michelle Smith, USA

Thanks for early access to the new course. I was already pretty competent with my tablet, but I have picked up a number of very useful tips and discovered a couple of new apps that have had a positive impact on my workflow and my end results.  Thank you!

Karl Mainwaring, UK

I found your new editing with my iPad course very well structured and thorough and just the right length. It was a really fun course to work through and it has certainly helped me to make more use of my iPad and edit my photos better and faster!  

Carlie Noke, UK