Music is at the heart of everything we do

At Crystal Cable, it all starts with music. When developing a new cable, loudspeaker or amplifier, our ultimate goal is to reveal the virtuosity of instruments, the subtleties of a performance and the emotions of the artist. With a purely technical approach, all these elements can get lost. However, our way of working is to start with the musical performance, after which we keep adjusting and altering our designs until we have reached our goal. This is a time-consuming process with countless listening tests during the development of a new product, but the only way to reach the goal of reproducing the live performance of a true artist. That is how we make sure that you can experience the performance as the artist intended to have it heard, virtually placing you right into the musical performance within the comfort of your own living room.

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A vision for High-End audio

Gabi Rynveld founded Crystal Cable in 2004. Since age nine, she was a professional concert pianist, playing concerts and recitals with orchestras and competing in top-level international piano concourses. After meeting her husband Edwin Rynveld, who was and still is the CEO and Chief Engineer of both Crystal Cable and internationally renowned cable brand Siltech, Crystal Cable was born. Since then, instead of sharing her passion for music by playing written music for an audience, Gabi shares her passion by passing on music to music enthusiasts around the world. Edwin’s knowledge of science and engineering, combined with Gabi’s artistry and musical experience are the foundations of Crystal Cable. Our philosophy has been shaped by her vision for hi-fi. We want you to believe that the grand piano is in your living room. That the saxophone is playing in your listening room. That the singer is looking into your eyes.

At the end, it is not just about sound, technology or measurements. Hi-fi audio’s ultimate goal is and should be music: the products are not the goal, but instruments to achieve the goal – to bring the experience of listening to live music to our rooms.

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Stunning for the ears and eyes

Back in 2004, most high-end cables were quite large as it was thought that a certain size was necessary to transfer high quality sound. Although sound will always be the most important factor in high-end audio, we at Crystal Cable believe that sound quality, design, flexibility and ease of use should go hand in hand. Fortunately, our engineers made a stunning discovery that would make it possible to make cables thin, flexible and stunning for the eyes, while maintaining the best sonic performance that will always remain the priority.

At first, it was a challenge to convince industry professionals and high-end audio enthusiasts that cables this elegant, thin and easy on the eye could compete with the top cable brands in the world. However, the introduction of Crystal Cable at the 2004 CES in Las Vegas left many astonished that so much power, transparency and speed could be delivered through such thin and aesthetically pleasing cables.

After two decades of innovation in design, engineering and construction, Crystal Cable is known for delivering the highest quality cables, loudspeakers and electronics that seamlessly blend into the decor of your own living room. Because we believe that high-end audio should be stunning for both the ears and eyes.

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The soul of Crystal Cable - past, present & future

Crystal Cable has dedicated itself to reproducing music as vividly and realistically as possible, and will continue to do so. The love for music, engineering, developments in acoustic science and ever growing possibilities in industrial design will get us closer and closer to revealing the virtuosity of instruments, the subtleties of a performance and the emotions of the artist in making music. One thing is certain: we will not stop until we get there.

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