Finally… a course that teaches you the fundamental skills of astrophotography so that you can capture phenomenal night sky photos as soon as tonight!

Ever since humans first glanced up at the night sky, we’ve been fascinated by the stars and what lies beyond them.

This is what makes astrophotography so special and so much fun!

Astrophotography enables you to capture the nighttime in its most spectacular state, from stunning starry skies to the Milky Way.

And even more excitingly, it grants you access to parts of our universe that your eyes could not otherwise see – such as distant galaxies and nebulae.

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Through this online Astrophotography For Beginners course, you’ll get the perfect starting point for capturing mesmerizing photos of the deep sky and all its breathtaking wonders.

In Astrophotography For Beginners, everything is demonstrated and explained in clear, easy-to-follow steps by an expert astrophotographer and instructor.

Best of all, you can get incredible results as quickly as tonight!

What’s more, you don’t need specialist equipment or expensive telescopes to capture breathtaking night sky images — you just need the right astrophotography know-how.

You can start today with the camera you already own. And you’ll even learn how to use your phone or tablet for capturing spectacular galaxies and star trails!

astrophotography class

In Astrophotography For Beginners, you’re going to learn the secrets for shooting and editing breathtaking night sky photos from a passionate astrophotographer and experienced iPhotography instructor.

What’s Covered In This Beginner’s Astrophotography Course?

Each tutorial in the course is packed full of techniques and tips for capturing breathtaking photos of the deep sky, the moon, and the wonders of space. Here’s what’s covered:

Photographing pets


Discover the basics of Astrophotography and Lunar photography and the gear you need to get started.

Photographing insects


Discover how to set up your camera and pick the best locations using astrophotography apps.

astrophotography class


Should you shoot single exposures, stacked images, or startracked? You’ll discover them all alongside the standard camera settings you need.

Photographing wild animals


Mastering editing is vital to bringing your astrophotography to life. Learn to how to increase sharpness, detail and colour in each night sky photo.

emily lowrey astrophotographer

Emily Lowrey


Meet Emily, Your Astrophotography Course Instructor

The Astrophotography course for beginners is designed and presented by iPhotography Instructor and passionate astrophotographer, Emily Lowrey.

When she’s not shooting weddings, you’ll find her shooting the stars, the moon, or distant galaxies!

In this course, Emily has broken down many years of astrophotography experience into simple steps that anyone can follow to achieve spectacular results.

Your Astrophotography for Beginners Course Lessons

Here’s what’s included in this fascinating course:

Module 1: Introduction to Astrophotography

how to shoot astrophotographyIn Module One, we start with the basics of astrophotography and lay the foundations for a lifelong, captivating journey:

You’ll discover…

  • How to start astrophotography
  • What is needed for astrophotography
  • What camera you can use
  • The best astrophotography lenses
  • What the common ‘rules’ of astrophotography are
  • How your choice of camera & lens impacts on the 500 Rule
Module 2: Practical Guide to Astrophotography
shooting the night skyIn Module Two, you can watch and follow along with Emily on location as she guides you step by step through the practical aspects of astrophotography.

You’ll discover…

  • Taking shots on single and stacked exposures
  • How to use star trackers and timelapses
  • Choosing a foreground & mastering focus
Module 3: Editing Astrophotography Photos

editing astrophotographyIn Module 3 you’ll review your shots, then you can watch, learn, and follow along as you discover photo editing for astrophotography:

  • What software you can use
  • How to process stacked images in Lightroom
  • Enhancing star trails to increase exposure & detail
  • Effective adjustments for single-exposure photos
  • What the common ‘rules’ of astrophotography are
  • How your choice of camera & lens impacts on the 500 Rule
Module 4: Beginners Guide to Lunar Photography

lunar photographyIn Module 4 you’ll discover the secrets to capturing and editing pin-sharp shots of the moon.

You’ll discover:

  • The camera & equipment you need for photographing the moon.
  • Specific camera settings for lunar photography.
  • The apps & resources for lunar timings and moon placement.
  • Tips & tricks for shooting the moon.
  • Stacked image editing for lunar photography.
  • Lunar editing in Lightroom
  • Much more!
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Get Started in Astrophotography Today!

There’s plenty of information online about astrophotography, but much of it is confusing, contradictory, and frustrating for the beginner because it has been designed for experienced pro’s with all the gear.

On the other hand, the Astrophotography for Beginners course distills down the essential training you need into 21 frustration-free lessons, so that you can achieve impressive night sky and lunar photos as quickly as tonight – and without the need for expensive equipment.

Don’t waste any more time wandering around the internet trying to figure this out for yourself. Hit the button below and you’ll get instant, lifetime access to the Astrophotography for Beginners course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me the technical aspects of astrophotography?

Yes! This is exactly what this introduction to astrophotography course has been designed for. We’ll guide you through what equipment you’ll need and how to set it up correctly with clear, jargon-free instructions and demonstrations.

From choosing the right shutter speed, aperture, ISO, to focus and exposure modes – you’ll learn it all in this program. Everything is laid out in simple to follow steps and explained clearly by a highly experienced teacher and astrophotographer.

Who is this astrophotography course designed for?

This is an astrophotography course for beginners and it assumes no prior knowledge, experience or specialist equipment. We’ve designed this course to be simple to follow for everyone who is interested in capturing spectacular night sky photos, galaxies, star trails, nebulae and more. Whether you have a Smartphone, a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera, this course guides you through how to get started with astrophotography and how to edit your photos for awe-inspiring results.

Does this course cover advanced astrophotography techniques?

This is an introduction to astrophotography course, which is designed to get you started right away by teaching you the basics of shooting and editing the night sky, using the camera you already own.

If you’re a competent or knowledgeable astrophotographer already, or looking to learn advanced techniques then this introductory course may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re new to astrophotography and intrigued to learn how to shoot the stars and produce some incredible night sky shots, then this is absolutely the course to get you started.

What kind of astrophotography techniques are covered?

Do you want to know how to stack images for astrophotography? Where to focus? Whether you can use your iPhone for starry nighttime shots? Do you want to shoot pin-sharp shots of the moon? This astrophotography for beginners course will give you all the guidance to get started and give you practical tips and techniques for shooting in the dark.

You’ll learn how to use startrackers, time-lapses for incredible milky way videos, and all the SLR settings on your digital camera.

How long does this astrophotography course take?

This course is delivered through 21 individual lessons which are divided into 4 engaging modules. It is a light and time-saving course. These 21 lessons combined should take you around 2 hours to complete. You’ll get lifetime access to the course content so you can review them again and again and even shoot and edit alongside Emily, as she walks you through the steps for producing incredible photos of the deep sky!