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The iPhotography Foldable LED Light Tent is the all-in-one photography studio that allows you to capture professional standard photos from the comfort of home.

Owning a Light Tent will transform your photography by enabling you to capture professional product shots, still life photography, food photography, and macro photography.

You can use it to capture everyday small items such as jewellery and ornaments to their finest effect, with no post-production needed.

Its daylight-balanced LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting and produce virtually zero heat, which makes shooting perishable items, like food, worry-free.

The tent can be broken down and collapsed quickly for easy storage and transportation and comes with a free carry-case.

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Do you want to embark on a practical photography course that gives you photography skills from the comfort of your own home using only the props you already have at home? Then stop your search, we’ve got the answer.

Find out the essential camera functions in Module 1. Compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, bridge and DSLR cameras, we’ve got it covered.

Quickly learn Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO and then get started on creating your own mini home studio on a budget.

Upgrade your home studio to a purpose built light tent and fill it with these creative projects! Perfectly complemented by the iPhotography Light Tent.

Perfect for the foodies amongst us! Discover delicious ways to capture clever shapes, rich textures and bold colours from your kitchen cupboard. Learn to design innovative, minimalist and modern compositions with our guided steps. Pick up lighting tips to make every dish look like it was straight out of a Michelin star restaurant.

Seek features and benefits of everyday items and transform them in advert-worthy posters in this Still Life module. Capture perfect compositions with no perspective distortion or reflections in this how-to module.

Push the envelope further as you uncover alternative ways to compose and design your home projects. Dive into some Photoshop editing to transform your creations into real life scenes.

Make mind bending images your family will be amazed at as we put Abstract photography at the centre of Module 7. Work with low light and refractions to create pieces that will awe your audience.

Combine everything you have learnt in to one powerful module where you can create professional level commercial photos. Learn long exposure, backlighting, product staging and more in this top grade training module.

Instant creative delivery

This course is a budget-friendly, time saving, easy to follow photography course. The 8-module course packs in over 7 hours of video content, which means you could complete it in just 1 day.

There’s no quizzes, assignments or tests – it’s all about instant creative delivery.


Learn to create incredible photos simply by using props you can find around your home.

We’ll help you train your mind to look at everyday objects more creatively.

Naturally, we’ll help you out with camera settings before you start the projects as well. But we won’t linger on them too much and we’re happy for you to skip the parts that don’t apply to you.


Discover how to create intricately designed photographs with our step by step video course.

Produced and presented by a professional photographer, iPhotography Home Projects shows how to transform your surroundings in a perfect photo studio with the objects you already own.

We’ve paced the videos, so that if you’ve got all the props ready, you could follow along in real time, just like a live cookery class!


This course has been designed to teach anyone simple creative techniques that will transform you in to a self-sufficient photographer.

Straight away, you’ll be taking truly beautiful photographs that you never before thought possible – even if you’ve haven’t picked up a camera before.

Camera Features

Exposure Settings

Lighting Techniques

Photo Editing Tricks

High Speed Photography

Creative Compositions

Product Photography

Commercial Photo Projects

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What Our Beta Testers Say

We asked 5 respected photographers to beta test iPhotography Home Projects Course and provide us with their honest feedback. Here are their reviews of the course:

“I really enjoyed this new format Home Projects course from iPhotography. As I have come to expect from other courses, the content is very professionally and clearly delivered – but this time in “bite size” video modules, which are all very easy to follow. You can set your own pace and rewatch or fast forward with ease. Some excellent introductory modules cover camera basics, the exposure triangle and how to set up a home studio. Moving forward, the project topics are varied and range from some fun activities with food photography on to more professional product and advertising campaign ideas. I particularly enjoyed the sections on shooting products underwater and found the tips on lighting for flower photography very informative. There were some creative abstract projects which will ignite my passion for trying something new and different. Although I viewed the course contents in just one day, the knowledge gained will last me a lifetime. Congratulations to Stephen and the team for producing a wonderful new addition to the iPhotography family of courses!”

Laura Harrison

iPhotography Student

“My first reaction to this new course was how well produced it was. From the initial introduction right through to its conclusion, presenter and iPhotography tutor Stephen takes us on a very informative and entertaining series of video modules about different types of photography which can all be achieved in the comfort of your own home. From camera basics, right through to far more complex scenarios, Stephen explains everything in simple, straightforward and easily understandable way.

This course provides hints and tips you can use to produce fabulous results, whether its food, toys, products, abstracts, e-commerce, this course will have something for everybody. It certainly gave me some great ideas and techniques which I hope to utilise in the future.

I can highly recommend the course, and I hope you enjoy as much as I did … Enjoy … !!!”

Eric Butcher

iPhotography Student

“I really enjoyed watching the videos in the Iphotography Home Projects Course. The videos show simple set-ups that can be tried at home to produce stunning results, and in each case the choice of camera settings is fully explained. The modules are easy to follow and broken down into short videos that you can follow at your own pace. I feel I have learned a lot about the importance of composition, colour, texture and light when creating images and look forward to applying this knowledge to my own photographs going forward. I will definitely be trying out some creative home projects and abstract photography for myself.”

Bev Trainer

iPhotography Student

“My first impression on opening the course was wow it’s colourful and inviting. Looking through the course their is something for all levels of students from the first module showing different camera’s from compact to DSLR very informative explanations of how they work in the video format which keeps your attention and interest alive, the new video format is a fantastic idea for those with little time and it covers so many different ideas for home projects, I particulary liked the module on how to set up your own home studio at very little expense the videos are not to long and interesting very professionally done.

I fully recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn more interesting and creative ideas for their photography, they certainly have got me thinking more outside of the box and the ideas don’t have to be expensive and the bonus is you can go back and look at the videos as many times as you like refresh yourself like in all the other great courses . Simply put congratulations to the iphotography team for producing another winning course.

Phil Youd

iPhotography Student


Open the door to this amazing photography course and make yourself at home. Do something creative with your camera.

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What's included in this course?
This course is designed for beginners, but even pro users will learn something.

The iPhotography Home Projects course contains 8 learning modules spread over 7 hours of content. Upon completion of the course you will receive a free downloadable graduation certificate to keep.

No time limits. Sign up today and get 24/7 lifetime access to the iPhotography community.

Are there any tests or assignments with this course?
The 8-module course packs in over 7 hours of video content, which means you could complete it in just 1 day.

Therefore, there’s no quizzes, assignments or tests – it’s all about instant creative delivery.

How do I access my course?
The minute you sign up, you’ll have access to the Home Projects Course inside iPhotography’s cutting-edge learning platform. If you’ve ever taken an iPhotography™ course before then you’ll be able to access the portrait course right alongside your other iPhotography courses, all from one sleek, simple and secure platform. Plus, you’ll have access to a whole array of benefits including our hugely popular student gallery, forum, chat wall and much more!
Do I need to own any specialist equipment?
No. This course has been designed to be budget friendly, filled with lots of tips and tricks for creating your own indoor studio with items you already own.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t always need to have a top end DSLR camera. A lot of our course can be followed with a simple point and shoot compact or even your smartphone. As long as you’ve got a camera to hand then you’ll find the iPhotography Home Projects Course is the perfect investment in your passion!

Do you offer a hassle free guarantee?
If for ANY reason (or no reason at all) within 90-days you decide to return your course purchase, our support team will happily provide you with a refund in full. No hassle. No questions asked. You are completely protected.